For more than 30 years, we have been committed to providing you with the best of nature. And so everything began: in the early 1980s business with fragrances boomed. The market was flooded by synthetic oils - any conceivable fragrance could be cheaply manufactured in the laboratory. The possible negative effects of these fragrances on health seemed to play no role.

The knowledge and conviction that only natural essential oils have a positive influence on the body, the love for these precious natural ingredients and the lack of supply led to the founding of Bergland in 1981 with the aim of providing these natural fragrances in the best quality available put. After a few years, the desire to use the oils more intensively - the idea was born to develop natural cosmetics with essential oils.

In the role of pioneer, we established a first range of tea tree cosmetics, and what began in manual work soon led to a modern production plant, which today produces a wide range of certified natural cosmetics according to the highest quality standards ( BDIH standard ). We also have a selection of food supplements and food.

Under the motto "naturally top", we are now researching and producing for you with 60 employees in Heimertingen in the picturesque Allgäu.

                    PRODUKTER                                                                                                                      KVALITETSGARANTI                                                                                                SERTIFISERING