Our cosmetic products meet the highest quality requirements. They are developed in our research and control laboratory.
High-quality and selected plant active ingredients, if possible from organic cultivation, are used. 
Naturally, no raw materials are found in the dead animal and animal experiments are not carried out. 
Natural colorants and fragrances are also used and no silicones, paraffins or other petroleum products are used.
The environment is also being spared - Bergland exclusively receives green electricity.



The Bergland Quality Guarantee:

For our recipes we use gentle Allgäuer 
spring water refined by our hayflower extract. 
This has a high number of bioactive active ingredients, 
which in their variety have a valuable and soothing influence 
on a relaxed and healthy skin. 
They promote skin metabolism and increase blood circulation.

Dermatological tests are carried out under expert 
supervision in voluntary subjects in order to test 
the skin compatibility of a new formulation.