The protos is a self-sustaining, solar LED outdoor lighting systems with different technological options. Short mounting and dismantling times makes protos to the perfect luminaire in any region of the globe for temporary application in areas without grid connection. Examples are construction sites, parking areas, access roads, open air events or industrial sites.

Cost effectiveness and performance


The protos is a cost effective solution regarding acquisition and mounting. Hereby, the total mounting time, the cost effectiveness, efficiency and superior lighting performance characterise the solar luminaire protos.


Strong - stronger - the strongest

Photinus stands for innovation, ellegance and highest quality with its unique LED solar lights.  Based on these attributes, photinus developed the new merkur, a solar light with the highest possible light performance. Solar lights were only used up to illuminance class S5 until today. Now, merkur moves the field of application into another dimension. Panel performance of roughly 1000 watt can be achieved due to the sophisticated, modular tower and offers thus unexpected light performance. Therefore, solar street-, place-, or way lighting can be used - in accordance with nearly any norm -  at any place regardless of the existance of electrical infrastructure. Hereby, Photinus offers the highest operational safety and light quality even under bad weather conditions (fog, snow or smog).

From solar paradise to the alpes


The vertically, specially arranged photinus high performance modules prevent snow from accumulating on it in winter and supply therefore a lot of energy - regardless of summer or winter. A sophisticated energy management system guarantees secure functionality over several nights even in poor weather conditions. The merkur family is best suited for residential streets, side streets, cycle routes and footpaths as well as car parks due to its excellent and unique light performance.


Elegant, high performance and efficient – these are the impressive characteristics of the new aron solar lights.

Design – The vertical 360° facing solar panels guarantee continuous energy input.

Solar Module – With an efficiency of 23%, the high quality solar module achieves maximum performance.

Battery – The special photinus LiFePo4 battery can be charged and discharged in temperatures ranging from -35°to +85°C.

Light – With 200 lm/W, the photinus LED achieves peak performance.

Battery Capacity– The special smart function allows for continued light output for up to 18 days of bad weather.

Timemanagement – The on and off times can be easily reprogrammed at any time with a remote control.

Flexibility – The lamps are simple to install and can be relocated if necessary.

Stand Alone Functionality – No cables are necessary and the units are functional in any location.

Maintenance – Thanks to the high-end components, maintenance is only necessary after 8 years.


Future – Maintenance and service can be performed by GSM Technologies at any location.

Above all, photinus solar lights provide continued performance as a result of constant development over the last decade. They guarantee continuous lighting, even in snow, fog, and periods of bad weather, and are thus suitable for any location.


Ideal for bus and train stops, pedestrian subways, car ports and bicycle sheds

Mara is a self-sustaining, solar LED lighting solution for exposed spots as train or bus stops, pedestrian subways, bicycle sheds, car ports and porches. Mara operates convincingly with high service security even in low-light regions. The luminaire is generally applied either in areas without electrical infrastructure or in areas that are not economically electrical developable. Technology to see and be seen.

Robust and weather prove

Four special photinus high-performance photovoltaic modules mounted on a cubic aluminium fixture enable mara to generate abundant energy even in diffuse light conditions (i.e. fog, snow, etc.). This energy nurtures the brilliant nocturnal light through a sophisticated energy management system.

--Hera lamper--

Elegant advertising light an light stele

Unique staging of special places, gardens and parks or company premises with colour and light. With the extravagant hera advertising light, you can attract great attention to anywhere in the world with the illuminated, striking advertising space with no laborious excavation work and with absolutely no wiring.  

Want to draw attention to a particular place without power?

The hera solar light stele is perfect for:

driveways and courtyards

walkways and pathways

garden and parks

hotel and golf facilities

and every place in the world, without wiring.


Wherever electricity is not readiliy available, the new hera solar light can be easily installed.

-- Juno lampe --

juno - the new solar light design

Elegant pathway lighting for modern architecture and public spaces


Elegant, powerful, and efficient – these are the features of the new juno.

The slim bollard light offers not only modern design but also innovative solar technology.

The path light achieves ambience with optimal illumination, making it perfect for

walkways, pathways

driveways and courtyards

hotel, garden, and golf facilities

Wherever electricity is not readiliy available, the new juno path light can be easily installed.

-- Alara lampene --

Elegant park lights with a special flair


Due to its timeless design, the new alara solar light is perfectly suited for 

the illumination of modern urban areas, from parks via seafronts through 

to landmarked space.

These elegant and slender solar lights with integrated light section in

the lamp pole are perfect for the illumination of pavements and footpaths in

park areas or so stylishly setting the scene in extraordinary places.

The light section can be fitted with an LED 

as a place or path variant as required.