The merkur300 stands out for its exceptional, cubic design and guarantees a secure supply in all different climate zones. The merkur300 solar light is a solar powered LED street lamp, which is used in regions without electrical infrastructure or in which it would not be economically feasible to implement one. The luminaire is especially used in areas that demand a secure supply and excellent light quality even in dim conditions.

The merkur300 is able to generate sufficient energy via the diffuse light component in regions with poor weather (snow, fog, etc.) due to the cubic aluminium construction with 16 photinus High Performance photovoltaic modules. The vertically arranged modules prevent snow from accumulating on it in winter. A sophisticated energy management system guarantees secure functionality over several nights even in poor weather conditions. The merkur300 is best suited for residential streets, side streets, cycle routes and footpaths as well as car parks etc. in accordance with DIN EN13201 due to its light output.



The integrated battery is loaded via 16 photinus High Performance photovoltaic modules and powers efficiently the LED array during the night.


As well as the standard anthracite colour, the merkur300 can also be ordered in other RAL colours on large projects for an additional charge.