What makes the difference?

We all know the term "light pollution”. The latter indicates that too much artificial light is emitted into the dark, nocturnal sky. This undesirable illumination leads to a considerable waste of energy and funds.

Maximum lumen is often used as performance criterion for the comparison of different lighting systems. Actually, this value has only limited significance. The relevant criterion is maximum lighting performance covering certain grounds for a defined period of time in combination with the distribution of light within the relevant area. Superior light distribution is one of Photinus’ strengths and achieved using LED luminaires from Hella.

Photinus photovoltaic – technology -

Photinus has developed a unique procedure for photovoltaic cells that allows us to store much more electrical energy in batteries than normally possible. Hereby, photinus mono crystalline high performance photovoltaic modules, comprising 36 cells, represent the centrepiece and prerequisite for this unique selling proposition regarding service security and autonomous time.


Outdoor lighting takes place in an architectural and natural environment and has to be integrated harmonically. Our "energy tower” definitely meets this requirement.

          - EFFICIENCY -

Highest efficiency is a prerequisite when targeting customer’s enthusiasm. Highest efficiency within the segment of self-sustaining, solar LED street lighting enables extensive autonomous times and hence service security and reliability in continuous bad weather conditions such as fog, snow falls or smog.

This requirement is met by Photinus due to its 360° PV module solution, the sophisticated control system managing energy and time, latest battery technology as well as a luminaire, which illuminates the right place without deficiency.


The combination of all these efficiency values makes Photinus unbeatable.