Largest solar project with photinus solar lights at Wilhelminaberg

The so far largest public solar lighting project in the Netherlands was realized on the well-known Wilhelminaberg. The quality of our products confirms that the choice for this flagship project has fallen on the photinus solar lights.

Efficient solar lighting from photinus

In addition to the continuous illumination of the staircase, protection against vandalism was an essential aspect for the selection of solar lights. For this reason, the protos80 from photinus decided to use a built-in battery in the light mast. The constant temperature in the mast increases the lifetime of the battery for up to 10 years and an effective theft protection is also given. Not only the free and CO2-free energy, but also the easy installation was important for this project. Digging along the stairs would be an expensive affair. The much more economical version of the solar lighting without wiring has therefore been spotted. The staircase consists of 22 sections with an intermediate plate, next to which a solar light has been installed. 

Innovation, sustainability and sportiness go hand in hand 

508 steps counts the longest, outdoors staircase of Holland and it takes some condition to get to the lookout platform. With a height of 230m above sea level, it is precisely the right height for Europe's largest ski area, which is located on the back of the mountain. Nestled in the park Gravenrode is the artificially designed, restored hill with a height of 93m a very popular sport and recreation area with countless visitors daily. With the decision per solar lighting, innovation, sustainability and sportiness go hand in hand at Wilhelminaberg. The safety on the spot could be massively increased by the lighting and the sporting activities are now set no limits in the evening.